Campsite reviews – Europe

Everyone else who does a Motorhoming blog seems to do a campsite review and considering a lot of them are nothing like the guides suggest then this is my chance to put the record straight. I’m rating the site, facilities and staff out of 5 and also the dog walking available. The cost is for 1 person, a motorhome, electric and 3 dogs.

BLERIOT PLAGE, CALAIS, FRANCE – This place was recommended to me as a stop off to get my bearings rather than use the Aires about 50m away. Bad bad advice. The site was in a good position for the beach, shops etc but there were some very dodgy looking people obviously living there, it was noisy as you were right by the ferry port and the toilets were so vile and disgusting that I didn’t even use them. Chap on reception was chatty enough. Cost me about 11 euros a night all in. Site 2* Facilities 0* Staff 3* Dog walking 2* – basically the streets around the site or near the beach. No internet.

CAMPING JEUGDSTADION, YPRES, BELGIUM – By far this has been my favourite site so far. The guy on reception was always cheerful and helpful with lots of advice on things to see and do. While the site itself was only small and basic the facilities were clean. Aldi was a 5 min walk up the road and Ypres town was a 10 min walk along the river. Loved the place. Cost 12 euros a night all in – bargain, you also received a card to operate the entrance barrier for a 4 euro deposit. Good motorhome service point. Site 4* Facilities 4* Staff 5* Dog walking 5* – lots of walks along the river and through the wooded areas. Free internet

CAMPING GRIMBERGEN, BELGIUM – Avoid like the plague. The people who ran this site were vile, rude and obnoxious. You could only gain entry and exit to the site when they were there – no barrier card given out, the only pitches open were in a heavily tree lined area so dark and dingy. Facilities were nice and clean. All these people did all day was sit around smoking and drinking booze – if you asked any questions you were not treated well. It will be a cold day in hell before I go back here. Cost 15.50 euros per night inc dogs  Site 1* Facilities 4* Staff – 10* Dog walking 0* – god help you if your dog so much as pees up a tree here. You’re expected to remove them from the site and only place available to walk them was the sports centre car park – adjacent, or the streets around the site which were busy and pavements narrow. The Alan Rogers guide states this site has a friendly atmosphere – they must have been on drugs when they reviewed it. Cost 15.50 per night, No internet and when I asked I may aswell have been asking if they had porn available.

CAMPING HOLSTEENBRON, ZONHOVEN, BELGIUM – Owner didn’t speak any English but was friendly enough, sadly the rest of his staff weren’t. Pitches were small and close together but in a very pretty setting. Facilities old but clean. Lots of walks in the surrounding woods. Site 3* Facilities 3* Staff 3* Dog walking 5*. Free WiFi. Cost 17 euros a night

CAMPINGPLATZ DER STADT KOLN, COLOGNE, GERMANY – Odd little site right on the banks of the Rhine and a bugger to find. Owner and his wife were very pleasant and helpful and their dog was lovely. Pitches aren’t marked out so if someone else came along and liked your view they would literally park within inches of your van. Facilities were clean and modern. Good transport links across the river. Autobahn to your left so some noise from that and the river but it didn’t bother me at all. Great views and walks along the river and the beach. Site 3* Facilities 4* Staff 4* Dog walking 4*. Internet available – 24 hrs for 6 euros but dreadful sporadic connection. Cost 17.50 a night

CAMPING LIMBURG, LIMBURG, GERMANY – another odd but pretty site situated along the river. When I got there they were closed for lunch but the guy kindly opened the gates to let me in, rest of staff helpful if a little gruff.  Supermarkets and town centre – which was lovely all within a 10 – 20 min walking distance.  Facilities a bit old and tatty but clean. Site 3* Facilities 2* Staff 3* Dog walking 4*. Internet available for 2 euros per 24 hours or 8 euros for a week – bargain.  Cost 21.50 a night.

TERRASSEN CAMPING, SCHLIERBACH, GERMANY – Pretty site in quite a mountainous region. Pitches are mainly terraced and a good size with own water and drainage. Facilities were very modern and spotless, owners didn’t speak much English but were very helpful and friendly. Dog walks were great if you paid a 10 euro deposit for a key to a gate which took you into the woods. Site 4* Facilities 5* Staff 4* Dog walking 4* Free Wifi. Cost 16.50 per night but I did say I only had 2 dogs !

CAMPINGPLATZ ROMANTISCHE STRASSE, MUNSTER, GERMANY – Lovely site in a stunning setting. Staff were very friendly, facilities modern and clean, pitches a good size with water and drainage. Trips to Rothenburg ob der Tauber twice a week. Restaurant on site. Internet 5 euros for 24 hour usage. Good dog walks across the busy road. Site 4* Facilities 5* Staff 4* Dog walks 3*. Cost 17.50 a night

CAMPINGPLATZ MUNCHEN-THALKIRCHEN, MUNICH, GERMANY – Odd site alongside the river. Pitches were very small and close together, some of the staff were friendly some were pig ignorant, facilities a bit old and grotty. No internet available, good dog walks along the river and through the woods. Shops within walking distance and good transport links into Munich. Site 3* Staff 3* Facilities 3* Dog walks 3* Cost 16.20 per night

CAMPING SEEHOF, KRAMSACH, AUSTRIAN TIROL – Pretty site in a stunning location. Staff were very helpful despite speaking very little English. Facilities were fantastic and they had a free dog shower which we made use of – twice in Izzy’s case as she rolled in cow poo. Pitches a decent size. Electric was charged per kwh (didn’t say that on the website or in the guide) so I didn’t hook up for the 1 night we were there. Site 4* Staff 4* Facilities 5* Dog walks 4* Internet about 3 euros for an hour. Cost 18 euros – they only charge for 1 dog and that didn’t include electric.

PANORAMACAMPING STADTBLICK, SALZBURG, AUSTRIA –  The owner was very friendly and helpful. Sadly his wife and son could learn a few manners as I found them rude and miserable. Pitches were small but with a fantastic view. Only downside – on a public holiday they cram vans in so I had people parked about 6 foot behind me. Facilities were Amazing – actually they were stunning. Good transport links into Salzburg. Internet 5 euros for 3 hours. Dog walks – the adjoining fields and park. Site 4* Staff – owner 5*, the rest get 1*, Facilities 5*, dog walks 3*. Cost 24 euros a night  – ouch

CAMPING WIEN WEST, VIENNA, AUSTRIA – Pitches would probably be cramped during busy seasons but ok in November. Staff not really helpful – everything seems to be a chore. Reception seems to be open as and when they can be bothered to be here. The guy in the week was ignorant and was lucky not to be wearing the credit card machine after he threw it across the desk at me when I went to pay. Facilities are pretty bad – the toilets and showers are shabby and they smell just vile. Vending machines, washing up and laundry are all in the same area as loos and nothing divides the mens and women’s. Drinking water? in the same building so you have a good walk to fetch it. Great transport links into central Vienna and local shops a 15 min walk away. Dog walks around the streets and the edges of the woods. Free internet – makes it all the more bearable. Cost – well for me, the van and electric it’s 19.80 a night. You pay a one off fee of 4.50 per dog per week.  Site 2* Staff 0* Facilities 0* Dog walks 2*. All in all this place is a dump. Maybe ok if you just want to stay 1 or 2 nights out of season but I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. I feel they had a good wad of money out of me for nothing.


AUTOCAMPING BUSEK, PRAGUE – By far the smallest campsite we have stayed on so far. Camping Busek says it has space for 20 but I’d query that even. Due to the pitches being amongst apple trees you’d struggle with a big motorhome – I’m hugging the road as it is. We arrived in the dark and despite having loads of room I went through the gateway at a stupid angle. Kitchen window met brick wall and we came off worse with my window now ceasing to exist. The owner – who speaks little English, left me to book in with his daughter while he kindly fetched insulation tape and plastic sheeting to cover the hole. Then he escorted me to a pitch and helped me hook up. It’s a pretty little site with a small motel alongside. The facilities are very, very antiquated but clean’ish. Wi-Fi is available but only around the terrace and restaurant so I sat out in -2 temps to get my fix but the owner opened the now closed restaurant for me and made me a cup of tea. Every time I nipped down to log on he would pop his head out and offer me tea and the restaurant. For all this site is basic and no frills the owners kindness speaks volumes so I give 5* to them, 1.5* for the facilities and 3.5* for the site. Good transport links into Prague – bus and metro, with all of the relevant info given to you when you book in. There’s a small park next door for dog walks and some fields a bit further down.

Cost CZK 400 per night – dogs were free, which at the exchange rate I had is 18 Euros or £16 a night. Cheap compared to some of the dumps we’ve stayed at (mentioning no names – Vienna)

KNAUS CAMPING, NUREMBURG – We didn’t come to this site by choice but because it was one of the only sites on our route to be open out of season. The cost per night is an absolute rip off and probably a reflection of this belonging to a chain of sites throughout Germany. The girl on reception was pleasant and helpful enough and you’re given a guide book on the town and instructions on which train to catch etc. The site itself is pretty and set amongst trees but on a late, wet November afternoon it doesn’t look at it’s best. The facilities near reception – where I parked, were closed so I had a good walk to the other block. All nice and clean and modern and free showers. Drinking water was a bit harder to find and I ended up using the tap in the laundry. For 28 Euros a night – and that’s with me only admitting I had 2 dogs, I’d expecvt something truly wonderful with extra laid on. Sadly this place has little to offer for the money out of season and with limited facilities. A right rip off if you ask me. Staff 4* Site 3* Facilities 4*Dog walks 4*

HIRZBERG CAMPING, FREIBURG –  This is a site I’d wanted to visit for quite a while and whilst I’m not disappointed I am angry that they con you by not admitting on their website or in any literature that you will have to pay metered electric if you use your heating. After 6 hours on the road getting here and arriving in the dark that put me in a foul mood as I’d planned on staying here until Christmas. I’ve said I’ll heat the van on gas and I’m using half and half as I don’t use my TV and half of the other things he reeled off that the 2.50 a day covers. They can only ask me to leave. Pitches are on a bit of a slope and I couldn’t get level even with levelling blocks. Unless you’re parked by reception ( 4 or 5 pitches only) it’s a bit of a trek in the snow to get water/showers/loos etc but it’s no big deal. Staff are very friendly helpful and informative, site is pretty and there’s a field at the back to walk dogs in. Town is a short walk away. Cost is about 17 Euros a night – I hope.  Staff 4* Site 5* Facilities 4.5* Dog walking 4.5*

CAMPING SPINEUSE, NEUFCHATEAU, BELGIUM – I think I should have turned around and gone elsewhere when I saw the amount of snow lying on the ground. Site was in a nice area, only me and one German couple there. Reception wasn’t open so you had to ring a bell but they were very helpful. Ladies were closed as not heated in winter so had to use the men’s loos and showers but clean. Good dog walks and you could walk into town but I wasn’t going to attempt it in 8″ of snow. Pet rabbits running around the site which was amusing and kept Izzy entertained. I had to be towed out of the site and onto the road so I’m ever grateful to the owner for that even though I think he was convinced I was some dumb English woman.  Site 4* Facilities 3* Staff 4* Dog walking 3*  Cost less than 15 Euros a night but they forgot to charge me for the dogs

CAMPING MEMLING, BRUGES, BELGIUM – I was put off coming here by the prices as I thought 26 Euros was way too high. Once I’d figured in the out of season discounts it seemed like a better proposition. Site is in a nice quiet residential are and surrounded by woods. Nicely set out though if you’re at the back like me it’s a bit of a trek to the facilities etc which are all at the front by reception. Staff were helpful enough and didn’t charge me for the dogs – bonus. Gave out plenty of information about local shops, buses etc and maps of the city. Internet available – you buy a ticket from a machine which is just brilliant. As it’s winter you can only get drinking water from a tap in the boiler room between 8am and 12pm though I’ve been told you can ask for the key at other times. Loo’s are clean – take your own paper, showers are ok but smell of hair perm solution, the smaller showers at the front are a better choice.  Great dog walking in the woods.  Buses every 20 mins – a 5 min walk up the road. 4 supermarkets within a 10 min walk + an outdoors place that sells loo chem etc. Vets a 20 min walk away – ideal for pet passports. Site 4* Facilities 2.5* Staff 5* Dog Walks 4*  Cost (with disc) 17.50 a night.


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  1. Baggins says:


    Heard of your blog through Motorhome365 I think.

    Thoroughly enjoyed your rants and your site surveys are priceless.

    Only done ‘full-timing’ for periods of 6 months at a time when I had young family and between houses but now retired with an Autosleeper Tranny so take off a couple of times a year for potters about – mainly Southern France and Italy as I likes the sunshine.

    All the very best to you and looking forward to lots more rants.

    Your pics are great too.

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