Campsite Reviews – Great Britain

Well I may aswell bitch about the sites in the UK too so here goes…

NEW HOUSE FARM, HURLEY, NR ATHERSTONE, WARWKS – This is a Camping & Caravan Club CS site so basically a field attached to the farm offering 5 pitches. All 5 are on hard standing but you have to drive across grass to get to them so I got stuck in the mud (January and all that) but the Farmer kindly towed me out with his tractor. Rubbish and recycling bins are all contained in the camping field but hidden behind wooden fencing as is the chemical loo point. There’s also a water tap by the gate. Toilet and shower – 1 of each – are a short walk away in the yard and clean though a little bit chilly to use at this time of year. Made very welcome and everyone in the village speaks to me. There are bus services into Birmingham, Tamworth and Atherstone though they are pricey for the distance travelled. Village has a Post Office which I’ve yet to visit and also a General Store.

Cost £11 a night to members Staff 5*  Site 4*  Facilities 3.5*  Dog walks  3*  Motorhomer friendly 1*

WOLVEY VILLA, WOLVEY, LEICS – I have a sort of love/hate relationship with this site having spent over 5 weeks living here last year before I left for Europe. On the one hand it’s handy being so local to where I used to live so friends are quite happy to pop and see me and there is a bus service from Wolvey into Coventry or Nuneaton. On the other hand there are some odd people who live here all year round + an ever-changing array of workmen in a variety of grotty tourers, thankfully 2 of the whinging, women hating pissheads who were living here last time have now moved on. At this time of year the field is out-of-bounds so I’m on the large square of tarmac with 6 caravans so the view is pretty lousy. No complaints about the loo’s or showers – other than you have to pay for them, the launderette could do with updating and you have to pay 10p for hot water for washing up. Slightly annoyed after being told to do my laundry in the daytime when the owner wanted to lock the door at 4pm ! Give me strength. Prices have gone up this year thanks to the rise in VAT, so it’s £15 a night inc electric. No discounts for long stays and you also have to pay if you have visitors – personal bug bare of mine. There’s a good field where you can let dogs off the lead and Wolvey has a great General Store and Post Office which also sells 2nd hand books ( my addiction) plus several pubs.

Site 4*  Staff 3.5* Facilities 4*  Dog walks 4*  Motorhomer friendly 2.8*

HARBURY FIELDS FARM, NR LEAMINGTON SPA – This is the first Caravan Club affiliated site I’ve tried out. Situated in rolling country side about a mile from the village of Harbury. Site is split into 2 areas, pitches are large and on hard-standing all positioned off a gravel road which winds around the field. You’re not close to your neighbours which makes a nice change and hedges separate each pitch. 2 toilet/shower blocks – very clean and showers are huge, laundry and dish wash facilities. Owners are pleasant, chatty and helpful. I was asked if everything was ok for me which is a nice touch – I felt like I was staying in a hotel. There is a huge 11 acre dog walk field just next to the main entrance. There are bus stops at the bottom of the drive – a 10 min walk at most, which take you into Leamington or Banbury. The village has a newsagents, Co-op, fruit & veg shop and 5 pubs.

Cost for me and van (dogs not charged for) £12 a night.  Site 4*  Staff 4*  Facilities 4.8*  Dog Walk 4*  Motorhomer friendly 3*

LAIRHILLOCK PARK, MARTON, NR LEAMINGTON SPA – I stayed at this site last year. It’s a Camping & Caravan Club listed site situated just outside of the village of Marton. The site is part of a small Park Homes complex and has an elevated position with views of the surrounding countryside.  The majority of pitches are on grass but there are 3 hard standing which can accommodate large motorhomes. There are 2 vans here which are well over 30ft. Each pair of pitches has its own water tap; remaining facilities are by the entrance including a motorhome waste water drain. The toilets/showers for the fee charged are crap – sorry to be so blunt. The ladies & gents are in a portakabin and while clean a lot of space has been wasted and the 2 toilets are tiny (you have to stand over the loo to open the door) and the 1 shower is in the same size cubicle – last year I put my back out in there as you can’t move. Outside is a small shed which had a toilet in it and a much larger wooden building which contains a unisex shower and the washing up facilities, none of which are heated in the winter. It’s a shame they have so much space but choose not to make use of it. The site is Adults only – hence we’re here for half term. The village of Marton is a 5 min walk but has no pubs or shops. I believe there is a bus service but I don’t think it’s that regular so really you need a car or a campervan you can park in town.  Despite the low points (my own personal opinion) the owner Mrs Elgar couldn’t be more helpful. She told me to shout out of I needed any shopping fetching and tried to fix me up with some bloke !

Cost per night £15.  Site 3.5*  Staff 4.5**  Facilities 1.5*  Dog Walk 2.5*  Motorhomer friendly 1*

ATHERSTONE STABLES CL, ATHERSTONE, WARWICKSHIRE – Well I think the Caravan Club made a bit of a doozy awarding this place any kind of endorsement. The site is in a very nice setting but little thought appears to have gone into the actual site. There are 5 hard standing pitches arranged around a very narrow L shaped gravel track so there’s not much room for manoeuvre when it’s wet and you’re warned to stay off the grass as you’ll get stuck. On my arrival all 5 pitches were occupied despite my having booked over a week ago. I was told there’s no door to knock on and you never see the owners so only option is to phone them. I was told to park at the end of the track which meant turning around and reversing in. Luckily a bloke was handy at the time and he did this for me. The caravanners all have awnings so their cars are parked on the track blocking my way if I need to leave. Not ideal. There’s a big rally field and plenty of water taps etc. The toilets and shower (all unisex) are clean and modern but a bit of a trek and you pay for the showers – £1. The dog walk fields would be ideal if they didn’t have horses in them. Now I’ve had horses and this just seems a bit bloody minded to me. I wouldn’t want people and their dogs walking through my animals and it means you can’t let your dogs off and not much use if you happen to be scared of horses is it! Atherstone town is a short walk up the road and has an assortment of odd and quirky shops. Right, the nitty gritty ratings –

Cost £12/14 per night or £75 a week  Site 2*  Staff Minus 10 for the fact you don’t see anybody.  Facilities 2.5*  Dog Walk 2*  Motorhomer friendly 3* Either the people staying here are scuzzy or the facilities don’t get cleaned that often. The dog walk is in a field full of horses! and the chemloo point had a major leak which the owners knew about but did sod all about for over a week. Pretty clear they want your money but don’t intend on doing anything for it. Don’t expect the personal touch.

HURLEY RIVERSIDE PARK, Hurley, Nr Maidenhead – I came here for a job interview on-site but don’t think that means my review will be of the butt kissing variety. Site is in a lovely setting by the Thames and laid out very nicely with hedges and trees dividing pitches into smaller areas. It’s part of a huge site which also contains residential and holiday static vans. 3 large shower/loo blocks 2 of which were closed due to work being carried out. Remainder was clean and showers free. All staff were friendly and helpful. There’s a laundry near the entrance. £10 deposit required for a key fob to acctivate the barrier. Access to the river and a private picnic area. A gate offers access to public land where you can walk dogs or just follow the river.  Big recreation field which doubles up as a camping field during busy periods. Lots of wildlife – rabbits, birds, pheasants etc. Bus to Maidenhead/Henley stops right outside the gate 3 times a day.

Site 4*  Staff 4*  Facilities 3.5*  Dog Walks 4.5*  Motorhomer friendly 1.5* Cost £20 for me and 2 dogs, should’ve been £22 but I only admitted to having 2 dogs as I think it’s ludicrous paying for animals when they don’t use the facilities. That was the low season price so god help you in the high season. Did I get the job? No – didn’t like the fact that I had dogs. His loss not mine.

NEW FOREST CARAVAN CLUB SITE, BRANSGORE, HAMPSHIRE – I was only here one night for a concert in Bournemouth but the staff were very friendly and helpful. Pitches were huge – you could fit a caravan, awning and car on the hardstanding alone and then there was a huge expanse of grass between you and the next pitch. Facilities were immaculate as to be expected. There’s a kiddies play area and a dog walk field. The site is in the New Forest National Park so the scenery is stunning. Not sure is there was a bus service but I hired a car through the CC (Enterprise) and they picked me up and dropped me off.

Cost £12.05 per night (dogs free)  Site 4.5*  Staff 4.5*  Facilities 5*  Dog Walk  4*  Motorhomer friendly 0*

CRYSTAL PALACE CARAVAN CLUB SITE, LONDON – The journey here was eye opening to say the least. Forget your Sat Nav if you’re driving a big vehicle as it will send you down odd roads that have width restrictions of 7ft. I’m getting shit hot at doing 3 point turns in this thing. Anyway, the Club site is bang smack in the middle of a busy built up area and yet you wouldn’t really know it. The pitches aren’t as big as in the New Forest but I guess people stay here to sight see and not sit outside their vans. It isn’t a huge site but is nicely set out on different levels with an elevated view across the south. A 5 minute walk away is Crystal Palace Park where the original exhibition building once stood until it burnt down in 1936. There are plenty of ruins left behind and a museum which is open at weekends and bank hols. Lots to see and do and there’s even a small farm. Shops, cafes, pubs etc are half a mile away and the no: 3 bus stops on the main road and takes you to Oxford Circus. The site staff are very helpful and friendly especially the 2 Assistant Wardens, and will give you travel & tourism maps + info and advice. My only complaint would be that the showers aren’t huge but they are bright and heated (take note independant sites) so maybe I’m nit picking.

Cost £11.50 per night  Site 4.5*  Staff 4.8*  Facilities 4.5* (not as modern as NF but very clean)  Dog Walk 5*  Motorhomer friendly 5*

VICTORIA FARM, HIGH CROSS, NR LUTTERWORTH, LEICS – This is a Caravan Club CL site just off the A5 between Lutterworth and Hinckley. Coded entrance gate and unlike the last CL we stayed at the owners are always around or you can call at the house. The field immediately next to the house contained several little groupings of caravans and RV’s which I think were a permanent fixture and also the toilet block, CDP and bins. There’s also a huge marquee which is hired out for weddings – I was warned it may be a bit noisy. I was in the next field which was huge and for the 1st day contained only 2 empty seasonal caravans and me. There are electric hook ups and water taps and loads of room which is why I was mad as hell when some Tit in his caravan parked right next to me so I moved my van further away just to be petulant. From here the showers etc are a bit if a trek but as the weather was nice it didn’t really matter. I was told I could let the dogs run around the field as long as I cleaned up after them (excellent) but the old Fosse Way (bridle path) runs parallel to the field so you also use that or go out into the lanes. Ullesthorpe is the closest village and has a Post Office and pubs and is walkable. Toilets and showers (£1) were basic and could do with being cleaned a bit more often but ok’ish. For my 2nd week I moved into the main field as the CL was booked solid. The view was stunning and you were nearer the facilities. Bit more road noise from the lane and the A5 but nothing that excessive. Eddie the owner is great even though he doesn’t like women with tattoo’s/piercings or who swear. He was always helpful above and beyond and happily welcomes you nto his house and talks forever. There is a bus every hour which takes you into either Hinckley or Lutterworth/Market Harborough from just outside the farm.

Cost £10 per night inc electric  Staff  4.8*  Site 4*  Facilities  3.4*  Dog walks  4*  Motorhomer friendly 3*

NEW HOUSE CARAVAN PARK, Kirkby Lonsdale, Lancs – Nice little site about 2 miles outside of Kirkby Lonsdale. The site was fully booked so I had to pitch in the yard opposite the facilities but they were kind enough to squeeze me in and I was out every day. Facilities were fairly modern and very clean. Wash rooms and free showers + cheap laundry. Only downside was the awful smell from one of the CDP’s in the yard and the fact that most of the campers drove down to the loo’s or to put their rubbish in the bins so my van was always hemmed in and not exactly private. I thought it was too expensive for what it was but I needed to stay in the area. You can walk your dog down various lanes off the main A65. Bit of road noise but nothing too loud.

Cost £17 a night   Site 4*  Staff 4*  Facilities 4.5*  Dog Walks 3.5*  Motorhomer friendly 2*

PARK COPPICE CARAVAN CLUB SITE, CONISTON, CUMBRIA – The drive here is a little hairy if you’re driving something as graceful as a brick. The site is enormous with little groups of pitches scattered throughout the site amongst the trees and most will require levelling of some sort as everything here is pretty much as nature intended. Part of the site was closed off as they weren’t busy which left us with a good uphill trek to get water etc. There are TV sockets alongside the EHU which almost made up for the fact that I had no internet via my mobile internet and the site told me upon arrival that their Wifi wasn’t set up yet (not happy). Coniston is a 40 minute walk away and there are apparently buses every 2 hours from outside the gate. I’d say this site in only suitable for people with caravans or small vans. Unless you’re here for the walking you feel a bit isolated.

Site 4*  Staff 4*  Facilities  4.5*  Dog Walks  4*  Motorhomer friendly 1*

THE TREES CARAVAN PARK, INGLETON, NORTH YORKSHIRE – Nice little site just off the A65 about 2 miles outside of Ingleton. It’s basically in the front garden of a Georgian house with static caravans round the back. You don’t see the owners but they are contactable by phone and have 2 other caravan parks. You turn up and pitch where you like and they’ll call in for the money and give you any info you might want. Facilities are basic but clean and there’s a nice orchard next door which is the dog walk for the site. Buses run to Lancaster/Ingleton and Kirkby Lonsdale but you’re looking at every 2 hours if not more.

Cost £11 for van + 2 and then £2 for EHU  Site 3.5*  Staff 4*  Facilities 3.5*  Dog Walk 4*  Motorhomer friendly 2*

WARWICK RACECOURSE CC SITE, Warwick – Small site in the centre of Warwick racecourse. Mixture of grass and hardstanding pitches. Wardens were very friendly and helpful. Warwick town centre is a 10 min walk away as is Sainsbury’s, you can also get into Stratford/Leamington/Coventry by bus. Great dog walk as just outside the site gates is the ‘common’ which is basically the remaining ground in the centre of the racecourse. 1 toilet block – old but clean. I’ve added a new rating as to how suitable a site is if you’re in a motorhome and want transport links/town/supermarket within walking distance.

Cost about £11.50 Site 4.5*  Staff 4.5*  Facilities 4*  Dog Walk 5*  Motorhomer friendly 4.5*

FOUR OAKS CC SITE, HENLEY-ON-THAMES – Small and compact site with a mixture of hardstanding and grass pitches. I thought I’d drawn the short straw with my grass pitch but it’s actually a good choice as I have 1 van at the side and then I’m screened off by hedges from everyone else and it’s near the shower block – which is immaculate as always. Quite a bit of road noise as the A4155 runs alongside. It’s a 15 min walk into Henley itself and there is a bus stop on the main road to take you into Reading and Maidenhead. Have to say the staff are the least friendly but passable I’ve dealt with so far on CC sites. I was told the dog walk was small and they weren’t joking. In fact I wonder why they bothered at all as it covers an area not much bigger than my van.
Apparently you can walk along the main road and get down to the river which we’ll have to try. TV aerial sockets on all EHU as reception isn’t so good (like I’d know) but my DAB radio reception isn’t too great.

Cost  About £11.50 a night  Site  4*  Staff 3.4*  Facilities 4.9*  Dog Walk  1.5*  Motorhome friendly  4.5*

OLDBURY HILL C&CC SITE, SEVENOAKS, KENT – First impressions – is this it!? Site is basically a sloping field and that’s it though I did warm to it the longer we stayed there. Pitches are quite close together and a pig to get level. Warden’s are very friendly and helpful as I’d managed to book a pitch without electric – argh, but they sorted it out. Facilities, CDP etc are at the top of the slope so be prepared for a trek and the loo’s/showers are a bit on the basic side and there are only 2 showers which is pretty crap for a site of this size. Plenty of good walks around the area and places to visit. 2 farm shops not too far away and a bus stop on the main road will take you into Sevenoaks or Bluewater. Dog walk is fantastic as the woods are across the road from the entrance and you can go for miles and miles. In fact we loved the woods so much I wish we could have packed them up and taken them with us but I think I’m turning into a tree hugging Hippy.

Cost  £9.55 a night  Site  3.8*  Staff 4.9*  Facilities 3*  Dog Walk  5*  Motorhome friendly  3.8*

LITTLEHAMPTON CC SITE, LITTLEHAMPTON, WEST SUSSEX – Nice warm welcome on arrival after a ragged journey – torrential rain and a kaput sat nav. This site is easy to find just between Littlehampton and the village of Lyminster. Nicely set out medium sized site with a mixture of hard standing and grass pitches. Decent sized dog field on site where they go off lead. Facilities block is huge and immaculate. Information room and friendly helpful wardens. There are several recommended pubs within walking distance and a few shops. Littlehampton is 1.5 miles away so walkable or there are buses every half an hour from just up the road which will take you into town or Arundel. A bonus for satellite weary people like me is tv hook up in the ehu bollards though the signal was a bit crotchety at times. My 3G internet signal was a bit hit and miss (aim for the sky) but there’s wifi available for a fee. I met the nicest people here, that has to be worth a mention.

Cost around £14 a night (it’s high season)  Site  4.5*  Staff 4.8*  Facilities 4.9*  Dog Walk  3.5*  Motorhome friendly  4.8*

MORN HILL CC SITE, WINCHESTER – I was a bit apprehensive about coming here and shortened my stay after somebody on MH Fun likened the Warden to a Nazi. All I can say is that so far I have met 7 of the wardens/asst wardens (3 male and 4 female) and they’ve all been most pleasant, chatty and helpful. Maybe you only get short shrift if you chain your trailer to a tree and don’t use the Motorhome service point which lets face it flies in the face of common sense. Site is split into 2 and I was advised to pitch on the lower of the 2 as it had the dog walk. I think the upper site is probably the nicer one though. It’s all very open plan and pitches seem very close together and no privacy at all. Facilities block is clean but very dated and only 2 showers for this bit of the site. Motorhome service point is on the top site so you have to go through 2 barriers to use it. Dog walk is ideal as it’s quite large. They appear to have sacrificed one pitch near me as a kids play area which is just stupid as they’ve erected 2 goalposts so the 3 or 4 vans in this corner get bombarded with footballs and kids. Buses into Winchester go from just over the road. I was told internet connection wasn’t good but I seem to be picking it up ok. I doubt I’d visit this site again. Very disappointing for the CC.

Cost £12.80 a night  Site  3.5*  Staff 4*  Facilities 3.5*  Dog Walk  4*  Motorhome friendly 4*

EXETER CC SITE, DEVON – Stayed here purely as a stop off before heading to Redruth. Similar to Warwick RC as it’s in the middle of the racecourse but this place is very open with no landscaping. Appears to be split into 2 sites but with only one toilet block which was small but very clean. The outer pitches look out onto gorse and grassland which is ideal for dog walking. Warden (female) was the most ignorant person I’ve met so far. No eye contact and no conversation just a ‘couldn’t give a shit attitude’. Some road noise from the A38. Nowhere really within walking distance and no public transport so ideal for a quiet stay but not if you want to get out and about without dragging a MH with you.

Cost £11.20 a night  Site  3*  Staff 1*  Facilities 4*  Dog Walk  5*  Motorhome friendly  0*

CHURCHILL KENNELS CS, LANNER, REDRUTH, CORNWALL – This was a C&CC certified site when I booked it but a mention in their monthly mag claimed it to no longer be one of theirs so I was a little apprehensive. I needn’t have worried as it’s a charming little 5 van site just outside of the village of Lanner. The owners – who are very helpful and friendly, also run a boarding kennels but there was little noise from the guests. Spectacular views all round and a toilet block that puts some Caravan & Camping and Caravan club sites to shame. It’s a short walk down the lane into Lanner where you can catch a bus into Redruth which I’ve yet to explore. You can use their dog fields but as my 2 were being treated for kennel cough at the time I stuck to walking them in the lane.

Cost £10 a night inc ehu  Site 4.5*  Staff 4.5*  Facilities 4.5*  Dog Walk 4*  Motorhome friendly 3*

THE HEADLANDS, TINTAGEL, CORNWALL – You couldn’t get any closer to the village as this site was at the end of the village and well positioned for getting to the castle. 2 big fields – the 1st has several rows of statics and the only electric hook ups and there aren’t that many of those. I was in the bottom field with all the tents which was fine. Only one water tap by the gate. Small portacabin containing loo’s and then another block a bit further along. The only showers ( 4 of and 20p for 5 mins) were at the top of the site by reception so a bit of a pain in the butt. Despite all of the tents it was very quiet. The kids playground was right by the ehu in the other field and very noisy so glad I wasn’t there. 5 min walk into the village, lots of shops, cafes and 2 small supermarkets. Plenty of coastal path walks for the dogs and a 15 – 20 min walk down to the castle ruins.

Cost £12.50 wit no ehu/£14.50 with  Staff 4*  Site 4*  Facilities 3.5*  Dog Walks 4.5* Motorhome friendly 4.5*

THREEWAYS CC SITE, GOLDSITHNEY NR MARAZION – Nice quiet little site on the outskirts of the village. Split into 3 areas as to suitability for caravans/motorhomes. No toilet block here but plenty of water/waste points. Wardens very pleasant and helpful. Small information room but they have a list of motorhome friendly parking in places such as St Ives, Penzance etc which was just priceless and they’ll print you off a copy. Fresh fish van calls once a week and a fish and chip van comes twice a week. Pitches are a bit unlevel. Nice woods just over the road for dog walking. There is a bus service from the village which is a 20 min walk but only 3 buses a day. 2 pubs and a small store, if you want supermarkets then Penzance is the nearest.

Cost £9.70 a night (high) Staff 4.5*  Site 4.5*  Facilities n/a  Dog walks  4.5*  Motorhome friendly 2*

TAVISTOCK C&CC SITE, TAVISTOCK, DEVON – Before I say anything about the site I have to point out that they have thee most amazing toilet and shower block I have ever seen. There have shower rooms not cubicles where you get the shower a sink and a loo!! I have to take a photo. Anyway, site is about 2.5 miles outside of Tavistock. Mixture of hardstanding and grass, nothing fancy like CC sites but nicely set out. I was given a fully serviced pitch with water, waste & ehu. The wardens were just so lovely and friendly and with a great sense of humour. There’s the afore mentioned fantastic shower block then disabled facilities, laundry and info room in a smaller block. 2 dog walks which are just fantastic. It’s in a quiet setting and the bus stops at the end of the drive 3 times a day into Tavistock – timetable in reception.

Cost £12.70 a night  Staff 4.5*  Site 4*  Facilities 5*  Dog Walks  4*  Motorhome friendly  3.5*

HIGHER EDGARLEY HOUSE, GLASTONBURY, SOMERSET – This is a new Camping & Caravan Club certified site about a mile and a half outside Glastonbury and at the foot of the Tor. There are 5/6 hardstanding pitches and a grassy area for tents. All but 3 HS were taken up by tents when I arrived and things seemed a little chaotic as I was informed the owner was in hospital. Amazing views of the Tor behind and the rolling Somerset countryside in front of us. Toilets and showers are in a small portakabin and not really sufficent for the amount of people – 1 ladies and then 1 unisex both of which were grubby and certainly not cleaned during my stay. There is also a washing up area, fridge freezer, kettle and a microwave. Free Wi-fi is also available. They seem determined to cram as many tents into a small space as possible despite most of them being bigger than my van so it’s very noisy and overcrowded. Some people returned from days out to find their ‘sitting out’ area now had a tent in it which I think is lousy management. Chalice Well is half a mile along the road and you can get the Tor bus which takes you to the Tor or into Glastonbury – as many journeys in one day for £3. Field behind for dog walking or you can walk them along the main road (A361 – busy) and up the lanes. This place has potential but several areas need improving on.

Cost £15 (cheap for Glastonbury) Site 3.5*  Staff 2* (clueless)  Facilities  3*  Dog Walk  3.5*  Motorhome friendly  3.5*

HUDSON’S FIELD C&CC, SALISBURY, WILTSHIRE – Situated about 1.5 miles outside the city this site is part of the recreation ground. 2 large sloping fields – pain to get level again, 2 toilet blocks though only one in use and typically the furthest away. Old but clean though showers are preset and water was cold. Warden on duty when I arrived was a bit of a jobsworth as I wanted to drive into my pitch so I looked out over the rec ground but he wouldn’t let me if I intended on winding out my canopy (it would have been well within the boundary of my pitch) as it went against their 6 metre rule! So I had to reverse in and have a lousy view of other vans. Bit of forward thinking wouldn’t have gone amiss when planning the damn layout would it. I was given a map of the city and shown the walks in the area. Only other stupid thing I could see is that the gate was kept shut at all times (why?) so people had to keep getting in and out of cars/vans in the pouring rain to open and close it. Huge dog walk just outside the gate – perfect.

Cost £12.60  Site 4*  Staff 3*  Facilities 3*   Dog Walk 5*  Motorhome friendly 4.5*

BARLEY MEADOW C&CC, CROCKERNWELL, DARTMOOR – I changed my mind and came here at the last minute rather than the no facilities CC site I was booked on. Small site on the edge of Dartmoor, friendly and helpful wardens and nice facilities. Only downside is the lack of dog walk (there is a 12 ft path that they call a dog walk) so you have to go out on the road which isn’t great when you have an airhead dog like Izzy. Bus service into Exeter.

Cost £12.60 a night  Site 4* Staff 4* Facilities 4* Dog Walk 1* Motorhome friendly 3*

TREVEDRA FARM, SENNEN, CORNWALL – This is a Caravan Club affiliated site which really isn’t my cup of tea at all but blame the CC for that. According to their guide book this is a 2.5acre site with 60 pitches and no tents. I’m guessing the person who wrote that was either blind, stupid or made it up without even visiting the place. True there is a CC only field with 40 pitches and then another club + non member field with 25, then add the field I was in as the other were full which had yet another 37, oh and then lets not forget the 2 tent fields which must have had 70+ pitches between them and you’ll see why the CC are spouting bullshit. My vision of a small quiet site was binned straight away and not helped by being next door to arseholes with screaming kids and unruly barking dogs. Pitches are very small so you’re packed in like sardines. In the owners defence they were kind enough to move me when I asked and I ended up with a better view. Plenty of toilets etc and basic but clean enough considering how many people are using them. There’s a shop and cafe on site though shop sells an odd assortment of things. Bus service from the main road – about 3 a day. Penzance is 20 mins away and plenty of caostal walks to Land’s End etc. Sennen Cove and Gwynver beach ( a 10 min walk) in particular are apparently a mecca for body boarders and surfers so why I came here is a mystery. Views are pretty stunning, staff friendly and there’s a big field for letting the dogs off. If you’re a surf bum/beach bunny then this is your kind of place. I’d probably like it better more out of season to be honest and not at the end of the school holidays.

Cost £10 a night for my 1st week (peak) and £8.50 for the second and yes that’s me, the van, 2 dogs and electric!! Site 3*  Staff 4*  Facilities 3*  Dog walk 4*  MH friendly  2*

WINCANTON RACECOURSE CC SITE, SOMERSET – Stayed here a few days as a midway stop off point between Cornwall and Leicestershire. Not a huge site but I had a decent pitch on the rails overlooking the course. Facilities a little dated but clean but as they’re in the racecourse grandstand it’s more to do with them than the CC, same goes for all the rules and regulations about where you can and can’t go – again the racecourse. Wincanton is a 1 mile walk with a few shops, chemist, Co-op etc. There’s a large Morrisons and Lidl a little further away. Wardens were very pleasant and friendly. Only downside was some arsehole reversing into me in the town.

Cost £7-8  Site 3.5*  Staff 4*  Facilities 3*  Dog walk 4*  MH friendly  4*

SHEEPCOTE VALLEY CC SITE, BRIGHTON – We stayed here as I had a wedding to attend. Despite some threads on a MH forum stating that the wardens were Nazi’s and that the place was a den of thieves and New Age Travellers we found the site lovely, the staff more than friendly and the half dozen NAT down the road no problem what so ever. Site is well placed for the centre of Brighton – a 40 minute walk or short hop on the bus, and the Marina – 20 mins. Lots of eclectic cafes and shops to see. I can highly recommend Metrodeco cafe in Upper St James street for yummy cakes (gluten free too) and they allow dogs and will do a plate of doggy treats.

Cost £92 for 2 adults for 4 nights  Site 4.8*  Staff .5*  Facilities 4*  Dog walk 4*  MH friendly  4.5*



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