About me

It took a 10 day bout of illness for me to realise that I could drop dead in my own home and no one would even realise it until they needed me for something. I also figured that my then 3 dogs deserved a better quality of life than me being absent for most of the day stuck in traffic jams and slaving away at crap, poorly paid jobs, so thanks to that moment of clarity and my shit employer at the time (Relate – the non-caring Counselling service) I decided to sell my house and most of my possessions and clear off to the USA to travel around in an RV. Sadly the Yanks wouldn’t entertain giving an ‘orphan’ any kind of visa so I had to settle for Plan B (there never was a plan B) which was Europe. I found my ideal van and this is a diary of our travels, mishaps and observations – that’s me and my (now) 2 dogs. To while away the hours I devour books (not literally) and keep my mind occupied with various crafts – bit of a mad crocheter and bunting sewer at the moment. I also get hours and hours of twisted, priceless enjoyment out of watching caravanners, motorhomers and campers pitch their vans and tents. Thanks to the canine contingent I also do a lot of walking as they explore every plant and blade of grass in the vicinity of where we pitch.  Due to my extreme stubborn nature I haven’t had the patience to figure out my Satellite dish so it’s been a year since I watched tv. Planet Rock Radio rules in this van. Who needs the Rat Race and all of its constraints and stresses when you can carry the things that are important to you in a van. In my case that’s the dogs, Pearl Jam and Interpol – the band not the international crime bureau. It’s not always a perfect life but if you find yourself next to arseholes or in a bit of a crap town it’s a hell of a lot easier to pack up and drive away to pastures new than it is to kill your neighbours.

Seriously I do still look like that

There is a better life out there, you just have to get off your butt and travel a few thousand miles to find it.


2 Responses to About me

  1. Phil (Hymer 694) says:

    Saw you post on motorhomefun (sorry but I have never got round to paying) but I did post last year about me cam belt. Put shortly I had mine done by http://www.candmauto.co.uk – Unit 45, Paragon Way, Lune Business Park, Lancaster, Lancashire – 01524 843 721 who charge £199 for any Fiat complete belt and tensioners. Mark (the m) is very helpful and used to be the foreman at TB Turbos. he has overnight parking with power and water and I was (and remain) very happy with his work.



    • travellingninjas3 says:

      Thank you very much. I’m heading up that way in May so if I haven’t had a cheap quote I’ll look them up. Van stays stationary for 1 – 2 weeks at a time so I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed

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