Call the Doctor – I’m in pain!

I think I’m like most people, if catastrophe is going to strike then I like to be prepared or at least have a bit of warning. I was mortified this morning having packed up everything moveable and breakable ready to move sites I turned the ignition key ……and nothing. The site owner/farmer kindly gave me a jump-start but being the pink haired Muppet that I am I stalled the engine when reversing and no amount of sweet talk was going to coax any life into the battery. Those nice people at the AA sent me a man within 30 minutes (round of applause) and after charging the battery and testing the output he delivered the death knell – there was not enough oomph to keep me going without constant kick starts. So off I trundled to a marvellous old-fashioned garage where he sold batteries for everything from golf carts and wheelchairs to big Beasties like mine. I left there £109 lighter (ouch, ouch, OUCH) but laughing as he’d asked me if I’d like to have his children. I think he meant would I like to take his children away not would I like to retire to the van and get impregnated. At least I hope that’s how he meant it!  According to Mr AA I should be thinking about replacing my cam belt (£300). At this rate with my insurance, MOT and tax looming next month I’ll be putting a big sign on the back of the Beast saying ‘ Sex for Sale’ though I’d be hard pressed to raise £1 let alone £1000. I’ve bought a Lotto Lucky dip so it’s fingers and paws crossed here. I sat and applied for 7 campsite jobs last night so wish me luck Blog fans. The one I really fancy is in Somerset and you get a wage, free pitch & electric in return for doing jobs around the site and feeding/mucking out the pigs and chickens. I can’t think of a more appealing way to earn money. Felicity Kendal eat your heart out, though my arse won’t be winning ‘Rear of the Year’ anytime soon.


About travellingninjas3

Scarlet haired veggie/coeliac/tattooed/charity shop loving rebel sold everything to take to the road with 3 Yorkies in a campervan to discover the meaning of life & blog about it. It all went well for 18 months but then a flippin bloke walked into my life and turned it upside down so now the travelling has come to a halt but I still live in the van but in a field - marvellous :o)
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5 Responses to Call the Doctor – I’m in pain!

  1. lorna says:

    where are you of to now good luck in the job hunting hope you find one you realy fancy keep in touch x x

    • travellingninjas3 says:

      Staying at this site at Marton for a week then back to Harbury for a week then coming to Atherstone for a bit.

  2. Helen says:

    Good luck with the job search,Somerset is a lovely place,if you didnt already know that.xx

    • travellingninjas3 says:

      I have been briefly. I’ve heard back about a job in Maidenhead – only cleaning loo blocks. Can I go and see him first? Do I leave my hair but presume he’ll discrimintae against me or bleach it just in case? Doesn’t stop people talking to me at the moment.

  3. Helen says:

    You are you hunny,if he dont like it thats tough. Please dont change for anyone.xx

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