You can’t please some people

I do seriously wonder what some people want from a campsite. The couple next to me – same size van except his is classed as a HGV cos it’s over 4000kg (do I look like I care?) were moaning this morning about the site saying it’s geared up more to caravans than it is to motorhomes. I racked my brains for a few minutes wondering why cos as far as I can see the huge hardstanding pitches are ideal and this is the 1st UK site I’ve stayed on that has a motorhome service area where you can empty your grey water tank into a drain and fill up your water tank from a tap without decapitating passing pedestrians/vehicles with your hosepipe. He didn’t elaborate and went on to moan about the showers saying they were too small (you can fit 4 people into the smaller ones), there weren’t enough of them ( 2 in the ladies and 2 in the gents + the 2 unisex wet rooms) and they didn’t have shaver sockets (use a Bic like the rest of us). Standing at the bus stop with the same people an hour or so later I discovered why he has come to this decision as he launched into a speech to a bored looking couple and their dog. It’s because the site is a) a 10 minute walk from the road and bus stop (it’s a farm, what does he expect)  b) the site owner doesn’t do a newspaper run in the morning (he’s a working farmer!) and c) it’s a 1.5 mile uphill walk into the village (?). He then added that the site should run its own minibus service into the town – yeah cos I’m sure that in between running a huge arable and livestock farm and a campsite that the guy has time to bend over backwards and piss about taking a load of lazy bastards on a jolly as and when they feel like it. Personally I try to pick my sites so they’re within walking distance of a village/town/bus route as we all know UK councils don’t make parking something this big an option in towns. I have walked miles with heavy bags of groceries but it’s either that or I pack up and go to the nearest supermarket – too much trouble. Same couple raved on about some Haven site they’d stayed on and how wonderful it was. I would rather have my genitals waxed and pierced with red-hot pokers than stay somewhere that can accommodate 100’s of vans, has swimming pools, entertainment and hoards of screaming brats and teenagers running around. If I wanted all that crap I’d go to Pontins. My suggestion to my neighbour is that he buys a bloody caravan and car and then he can drive his own lazy arse around and not expect other people to do it for him. Moron.


About travellingninjas3

Scarlet haired veggie/coeliac/tattooed/charity shop loving rebel sold everything to take to the road with 3 Yorkies in a campervan to discover the meaning of life & blog about it. It all went well for 18 months but then a flippin bloke walked into my life and turned it upside down so now the travelling has come to a halt but I still live in the van but in a field - marvellous :o)
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2 Responses to You can’t please some people

  1. Neil says:

    You didn’t get any contact details for this couple, did you? I wouldn’t mind getting their shortlist of sites that they REALLY don’t like – they’re probably the sort of places that would be perfect for me. For a start those two won’t be there…sounds like they should stick to C&CC/CC sites.

    Oh..and thanks for the blog…always nice to know that when I’m having a crap day, there’s probably somebody in a worse mood than me 😉

    • travellingninjas3 says:

      No I didn’t ‘sadly’. I think they were from up north as he was complaining about it taking him a day to get to Portsmouth? to get the Santander ferry. This place is a CC affiliated site and I think it’s just fine – not too big and decent facilities.
      I’m not really a moody bog I just say it as I see it so sound a bit like Victor Meldrew 😀

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