The Campsite that Santa forgot

Did I wake up to find a gift wrapped bike or man this christmas morning? Did I hell. It’s been it’s usual disappointing non – event same as it’s been for the last 10 years so lets just forget it even exists shall we. Izzy and Timmy weren’t the slightest bit interested in their Xmas stockings and presents, at least the Ninja smacked her gifts with her feet which in 15 yr old Ninja speak is appreciation. The sun is shining so that’s a bonus. Can we just get over all the crap now and move on – thank you. The one bonus of being over here this ‘festive season’ is that I haven’t had to listen to weeks and weeks of certain people moaning that they have no money yet they seem to buy half of the shops out; no having other people’s cosy family/cutesy Christmases shoved in your face at every opportunity and no spending ages trying to find the ideal gift for someone who couldn’t give a shit – for that I am grateful.

Overwhelmed with excitement - Not


About travellingninjas3

Scarlet haired veggie/coeliac/tattooed/charity shop loving rebel sold everything to take to the road with 3 Yorkies in a campervan to discover the meaning of life & blog about it. It all went well for 18 months but then a flippin bloke walked into my life and turned it upside down so now the travelling has come to a halt but I still live in the van but in a field - marvellous :o)
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