The Hobo Life

Well it’s now been 8 days since me and Chloe packed up and moved out of our ‘home’ of 17 years.

The new people may think that by replacing the fixtures and fittings they are eradicating all traces of my having been there….but I guess until they track down all the prawns I’ve hidden under the floorboards, in the loft and behind the gas fire and realised that I’ve painted the floorboards and walls with milk…..a litlle part of ‘me’ will linger. A lesson to be learnt – do not cross me because I am that Bitch who will make you regret it!

Anyway…..I think that me and the pooch are getting used to life in a caravan. Call it our trial run for when I get where I’m going and buy my home on wheels. Chloe has had her Rabies jab and her airline travel crate has been ordered. My teaching course is booked and I’m trying hard to minimise the amount of stuff I think I can stuff in a suitcase.

It’s kind of exciting and scary with a bit of being in ‘limbo’ thrown in for good measure but it will be worth it. Where ever we end up it has to be better than here.


About travellingninjas3

Scarlet haired veggie/coeliac/tattooed/charity shop loving rebel sold everything to take to the road with 3 Yorkies in a campervan to discover the meaning of life & blog about it. It all went well for 18 months but then a flippin bloke walked into my life and turned it upside down so now the travelling has come to a halt but I still live in the van but in a field - marvellous :o)
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